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Congratulations - you've won an urn

On 1 April, together with the Danish Kennel Club, we made a competition on Facebook. Participants could win an urn if they wrote which pet urn they wanted to win. Many participated, and it was Ann-Christina from Frederikshavn who was drawn and chose this small white dog with a pointed nose and pointed ears. When you see her pack of dogs, you understand that she chooses this expression.


In the comments section, some expressed that it was a tasteless, bad April Fool's joke. Think you could win an urn and feel lucky. What a hassle, we thought.

But we don't think it's distasteful to make cute urns that are environmentally friendly and degradable. They can also be comforting to those who have lost their pet.

We also don't think it's wrong to say it out loud. Unfortunately, we have to say goodbye to our pets, and often it is our decision that the animal should no longer live. It is sad and a heavy responsibility, but we took that responsibility upon ourselves when we acquired it. Fortunately, we can be happy that most of us survive our animals.

PS. We have made a cooperation agreement with Dansk Kennelklub, so their members can get a 10% discount when they buy a pet urn from us.

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