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After a few years with pet urns for dogs and cats, new pet urns have been added.

In a development process, it often happens that you add details to build on when you want to emphasize an expression.

Here we have chosen to go the opposite way. The new animal urns have fewer details. The shape is quite simple, and so is the closure. Only the colors and drawings reveal that it may be about animals.

They are further away from the resemblance to a single animal, and instead the hint in colors and drawings can create the connection to the animal you say goodbye to.

We currently make the animal urns in two sizes. and with five different expressions.

You can find them in the webshop

As with all our felted products, they are handmade from pure wool. They have been eaten, just like we do with our pets. By the way, it takes place in our own workshop, Filtværket, which is located in an old factory building in the middle of Odense.

The urns are 100% biodegradable, which means they are compostable. It may not be what you think about when you say goodbye to your animal, but it is an important point that it does not leave unwanted substances when it breaks down at a later stage.

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