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​A warm and soft farewell to your best friend. The pet urn radiates love and holds your fond memories.

For many of us, our pet is a member of the family– a good friend. Once we've said goodbye, it can be hard to let go. A warm and soft urn for the onward journey can, in addition to the ashes, contain the affection we have for our animals. A pet urn can be left in the home for as long as you wish. When you have finished saying goodbye, the urn can be buried in the ground, where it will become pure soil


Felted pet urns

​In Filtværket, we produce felted animal urns from wool.


The latest model is simple and stylish and can be used for many different kinds of animals.


If you want a more personal urn, we make some that express different dog and cat types. They are not intended to be portraits, but often you will be able to recognize your own pet in the urn.


There are several sizes and colors to choose from. All are handmade, and there will always be natural variations in their expressions.


In the film on the left you can see how the urns are made. During the process, we stroke the wool with soap and water - just as you would stroke your cat or dog.

​Naturally degradable urns

100% degradable
- from wool to soil

Pure natural materials
- zero plastic

​Local wool - when possible

​Unique design and solid craftsmanship

Our urns for pets are made from pure wool. They are felted by hand, and only warm water and vegetable soap are used in the process. They are lightly starchedin order to hold their shape, but we only use edible, plant-based starch and no ingredients that contain plastic. All the other materials such as laces, ribbons, tags and packaging are naturally degradable. We use as much local wool as possible, and preferably wool that would otherwise have been discarded.

​Our animal urns

Uurna has been making urns for people for a number of years. Just like our animal urns, they are made entirely of wool, and are 100% degradable and very sustainable. By request, we started making these animal urns for cats and dogs in 2021.


We have developed some different dog and cat types. Along the way, some unique urns have been made, which you can find in our "shelter".


In 2023, a model was designed, a more simple one, which fits many different types of pets


Some of the urns are pictured on this page. They can all be found in the webshop, where you can also choose colors and sizes.


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, regarding our animal urns.

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