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When your pet is no longer alive, you have to decide what to do with it. Some people have gardens or land so they can bury their animals. If you live in a city, in dense housing without a garden, it is not an option. If your animal has been euthanized at a vet, it will be cremated. Cremation of pets takes place at animal crematorium. There are several in Denmark, and all vets have an agreement with these crematoriums regarding collection and handling, whether it is a joint or individual cremation.. You choose single cremation if you want to get your pet's ashes back.

You inform the crematorium or vet that you have already acquired or are going to acquire an urn yourself. You then either ask to get the ash returned in a temporary container, or send the urn along to the crematorium. You can read about our own experiences on our blog. 


Animal urns containing pet ashes can be kept at home, or lowered into the ground. If you wish to bury them, it can be in your own garden or a pet cemetery. You are also allowed to bury an animal urn in the forest. Ash and wool do not attract predators. All the components will break down and turn into mulch within 2-10 years, depending on the soil conditions. 

Animal urns with Adda's ashes in a basket with bubble paste. A lovely memory.
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