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​Our pet urns are completely degradable and we are very mindful that our entire company focuses on making sustainable animal urns. For us, 'sustainable' means much more than the word 'sustainability'. Below you can see some of our initiatives for sustainability in a non-prioritized order.


  • Our employees work in small flex-jobs, with few hours and considerate environment, thus we contribute to an accessible/accomodating job market as well as benefiting from their excellent skills.

  • The workshop is set up in a former pattern maker's workshop, and has been furnished with as much reycled furniture as possible.

  • We use bubble wrap as a work tool, because it's insanely practical. Our plastic is recycled, and if it is possible to obtain, we use bubble wrap that used to be other people's packaging waste. 

  • We use other people's packaging if we can get it, and the packaging we do buy is made from recycled materials. 

  • We sort our waste

  • Power for lighting and heating water comes from wind power

  • The wool for our animal urns come primarily from local breeders on Fyn or elsewhere in Denmark, where the transport distance is short. Wool is an abundant and renewable resource, but it is often discarded, because there is no longer a sustainable chain of manufacturing here in Denmark. We use a lot of wool that would otherwise have been thrown away. 

  • We use dyed wool from foreign suppliers with documented consideration for both the environment (GOTS certification) and animal welfare (mulesing-free). At present time, it is not possible to obtain dyed wool from Danish sheep. 


There is no documentation for how animal cremations affect the climate. However calculations have been made which show that cremations in general make a positive contribution, because the heat from the furnaces is used for district heating. 


There are also a lot of different angles on the question of how wool and sheep affect the climate. It is a very complex calculation. We consider wool a valuable resource that can be used much more effeciently than is currently the case. Wool leaves no chemical traces and is completely decomposed in the ecological cycle. 

​100% degradable
- from wool to soil

Pure natural materials
- zero plastic

Local wool - when possible

Good craftsmanship and gentle production


A gentle goodbye

​A felt pet urn is a nice and gentle way to say goodbye to your pet. The urn is nice to touch, and it can stand in your home and remind you of the good times you have had together.


When the time comes for the final farewell, the urn can be lowered into the ground, and within a few years it will turn to pure soil.

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